Crafting as a game mechanic has been tried in a few different games, but only some do it well enough not to be repetitive or annoying. The crafting system in Ill-walkers will have three main tiers.

The first tier of crafting is complex craftables. These are craftables which requires a few pieces and can only be assembled at a table. Only one complex crafted item can be held at a time (during this time no pieces for other complex craftables can be picked up) and is placed on the ground on held in hand by pressing 'back - xbox one equivalent' to bring up a game-menu and then pressing A to craft.

The second tier of crafting is handheld craftables, crafted with a few pieces but is makeable without a table. These craftables are crafted by going into game-menu 'back' then crafted using X.

The final tier of crafting is storyline craftables. This crafting uses the previous two tiers mechanics but is custom the storyline. To keep these separate you craft these by pressing Y in the game-menu. To start with, these craftables will override any craftables of the other two tiers. A upgrade is available to alter this (read below).


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Crafting upgradeEdit

You can upgrade your crafting ability to make storyline craftables hold separately in your inventory along side other craftables. You are still only able to hold one of each maximum but it will no longer override others created in you inventory. You can upgrade your crafting ability via The Lab. It costs 50 R&R to upgrade.

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