What is Ill-walkers?Edit

Ill-walkers is currently a idea I have had for some time. It is primarily a idea for a first person shooter title using game mechanics from games including; Call of Duty zombies mode, Borderlands series and Titanfall.

I'm using this Wikia to express my ideas and keep them in a single place. Being new to this website, I am assuming that others can edit and add pages. By all means add your own pages with your ideas, but please don't edit my own pages.

How did Ill-walkers start?Edit

I was a fan of the Call of Duty zombies mode since Black ops. I really enjoy the gameplay and until Black ops 2 the storyline was reasonable. When Black ops 2 DLC started to be released I joined a forum page. After months of watching the forums admin's videos, I learnt that there is a much to clouded and complex story behind it's actual in-game narration. After learning this, I left the forum page because I didn't find it enjoyable anymore but still I love the zombies mode.

This lead me to start creating small ideas which was essentially fan made ideas. After creating a few of these I decided that I should make it into a full project. Initially this will stay as a theory only project, but in the near future I might be changing from my IT btec to a game design course. This could lead me to use ideas from this Wikia for my collage projects.

Latest activityEdit

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