The Lab is a in-lobby game mechanic in Ill-walkers. The Lab is a menu with a list of buffs which can be brought and then applied to the player in-game. Throughout Ill-walkers players gain research and resources (R&R). R&R is then used in the lobby to buy buffs for the player.

Buffs from The Lab can be deselected and reselected while in The Lab menu and a message will appear if deselecting the buff will majority affect gameplay. A example of this is when deselecting the Expanded Locker space upgrade while having a extra gun stored, a message box appears saying "You are about to deselect the Expanded Locker spacer buff while a gun is still present in the second slot. Do you want to continue with this?". Accepting this message will deselect the buff and you will permanently lose the gun stored in slot 2.

Gaining R&REdit

A list of ways to gain R&R;

You roughly gain 1R&R per 1000 zombie kills.

When you complete a level for the first time you gain R&R(amount varies by level).

Completing In-game challenges reward players with a set amount of R&R.

If game ends because all players die then a small amount of R&R is rewarded based on players score.

List of buffsEdit

List of buffs in The Lab on disc;

Expanded Locker space (75R&R)

List of buffs in The Lab on DLC;

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